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Hikes around Tofino are available now, such as the Tofino Lighthouse Trail - Please get in touch for further details.


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Long Beach Nature Tours - Nature Walks & Hikes: Tofino, Pacific Rim National Park and Wild Pacific Trail Ucluelet

Your Long Beach Nature Tour Guides


Before meeting our tour guides in person, it’s a pleasure to virtually introduce you to these interpreters, real naturals who will make your getaway to Tofino, Ucluelet and the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve a memory to cherish:

Bill McIntyre

It all started in 1973, right at the tail end of a winter storm.  When New Brunswick native and Long Beach Nature Tours visionary Bill McIntyre arrived on Canada's West Coast to work at the newly established Pacific Rim Natural Park Reserve, in his words, "I thought I had arrived at Nirvana...  Huge snow white surf was peeling off the blue Pacific swells, and the sun was just starting to edge the dark purple clouds in gold, pink and orange hues... I'll never forget it."  Bill acted as Chief Naturalist for the Park Reserve for 25 years, leading its various environmental educational programs.  Wanting the flexibility to offer nature tours customized to all wants and needs, from children to retirees and corporate groups, he launched Long Beach Nature Tours in 1996 and has been carrying a pair of binoculars since. 

© Alison Gardner


Silva Johansson

An appropriate caricature of Long Beach Nature Tours guide Silva Johansson could be of a witty cultural and ecological encyclopedia with bounds of energy, a bright rain slicker and a head of curls.  And she has her hands in a number of tidepools, if you will. 

When Silva is not "in the office" as Senior Interpreter and Outreach Officer at the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, she can be found leading nature walks such as "Get Fat Quick on the Shorebird Diet" for the annual Shorebird Festival in May, or the "Signs of Spring" for the Pacific Rim Whale Festival.  Silva has also made an appearance in living rooms across the county tidepooling for strange and slippery creatures on Long Beach for Canadian Geographic Kids TV.  Ask her about her time exploring the B.C. coast aboard the tall ship North Star of Herschel Island. 


Ornella Cirella

Some people feel the draw to explore and share nature’s wonders with the world - Well, say hello to Ornella Cirella! This natural communicator has lived on our pristine coast for 15 years, and has been a naturalist at the nearby Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, including a stint assisting hikers on the legendary West Coast Trail.

When Ornella’s not guiding with Long Beach Nature Tours, she may just be teaching science to students in Tofino and Ucluelet or spending quality time - outside, of course - with her children. Curious about the abundance of marine mammals in and around our West Coast waters? Ornella has participated in a few research projects, and may have some interesting facts for you - which we think is the best vacation keepsake of all.



Andrew MacPherson

Growing up on Vancouver Island provided Andy with plenty of adventure and unceasing learning opportunities. Trained as a professional environmental technician, he has worked alongside researchers on boats off the Pacific West Coast, slept in Grizzly bear dens and sat on Volcanoes in Mexico studying coastal bird migrations.

Andy excels at making science both simple and spellbinding. Beginning his Naturalist career as an Ocean Kayak Guide allowed Andy to participate in excursions from kayaking with Orcas in Johnstone Strait to exploring the Great Bear Rainforest looking for Spirit Bears and Rain Coast Wolves. Now in the Pacific Rim, Andy is passionate about exploring our locally diverse ecosystem and sharing his knowledge with visitors from around the world.


Tara Ryan

Whether guiding on horseback through the Canadian Rockies, diving off the coast of Honduras, kayaking with humpback whales in New Zealand, digging up dinosaur fossils in the badlands of Alberta or chilling with polar bears in the subarctic ... Tara loves her life wild and her wildlife.

Trained as a teacher but preferring the open classroom of the natural world, she conveys a sense of wonder & storytelling to everything she encounters ... from the smallest slug to the grandest cedar. After a science theatre career presenting natural history programs to audiences from Australia to the Smithsonian in DC, Tara presently delights in bringing her unique blend of entertainment and enlightenment to all her guiding exploits. Tara also has a degree in theatre and visual arts with a minor in archaeology to bring an appreciation for the cultural aspect of all her adventures.


Destiny Poruchny

A Science graduate of University of British Columbia, Honors in Ecology and Environmental Sciences, and a passion for frogs. Destiny’s caring nature for all things great and slimy led to her involvement with the SPLAT project assisting with the capture and release of amphibians on Highway 4 in the Pacific Rim Park.

In 2002, a four month long immersion in the marine biological community brought her to nearby Bamfield, sparking a love of the area. Her interest in keystone species led Destiny through Alberta, Ecuador and Oregon to monitor amphibian populations, and to Montana and Yellowstone National Park for a snowshoe hare study. Destiny returned to Vancouver Island’s West Coast in 2010, and is busy charming visitors with her wide range of ecosystem interests, her consideration for comfort, friendly attitude and hot tea!



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