Get Ready for Your Walk on the Wild Side:

Now that you have planned your trip to the spectacular West Coast of Vancouver Island, it’s time to pack your sunglasses, raingear and polar fleece (they’re not mutually exclusive here) and get ready to discover the natural wonders in and around Tofino, Ucluelet and the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

Looking for spectacular sunsets, moss-covered secrets of the old-growth forest, the ins and outs of the intertidal zone and an ocean of more in-depth knowledge? Our select team of experienced, enthusiastic, and frankly encyclopedic guides will lead you to the answers - along with some photogenic spots, naturally...

Tailoring your nature walk(s) & tour(s) to your interests, ability, and even your timeframe is our specialty.

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Here are a few options of what YOUR private hike or tour could showcase…

Half Day - Up to 3 hours

Intertidal exploration - Timed to coincide with the low tide, this is a discovery of the intertidal zone: a busy world of tidepools, marine invertebrates and giant marine algae. Learn from the best about coastal ecology and our rich marine biodiversity.
West coast temperate rainforest - Step under the canopy of our temperate old growth forest and get hands-on, mossy knowledge of its amazing biodiversity and lifecycle.
Coastal combination - Experience the best of both worlds! A walk through the forest to the beach at low tide to experience the similarities and differences with the two ecosystems.
Storm watching on the Wild Pacific Trail – Walk along unforgettable coastal panoramas and past the Amphitrite Point lighthouse to witness the fury of our winter storms & locations of many a shipwreck. After all, these waters are known as the "graveyard of the pacific".
Into the wild – Walk “the path less traveled” to some of our more rugged, secluded and remote coastal vistas & beaches…

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Full Day - Up to 6 hours

Two Half Day options can be combined into a full day outing.
Wilderness tour to remote sections of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Clayoquot Sound, or captivating areas near Ucluelet, including the Wild Pacific Trail.
We look forward to enhancing your Pacific Rim vacation by creating YOUR custom tour. Find out more about Long Beach Nature Tours: Email us or call 001.250.725.8305.

Experience our signature interpretative nature tours, and come away with valuable local knowledge, memories - and the refreshing mist salt water on your face!

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Coastal Combination

Offered All Year

The best of both worlds. Explore the secrets of the coastal temperate rainforest, one of the world’s rarest ecosystems. You will investigate individual species and also examine the interactions occurring within the forest and its connection to the ocean. After a relaxing walk through timeless trees you will reach the more dynamic shoreline environment. Timed to coincide with low tide this walk allows us to search the tidepools for the fascinating creatures within, whose lives are a constant battle for survival in this rugged environment. This is one of our most popular walks for first time visitors or those of you returning to the coast and wanting a greater insight.

January SunsetTidal Pool Colors

Intertidal Tour

Offered All Year

A small, narrow zone of coastal ground that id alternately exposed to air and immersed in saltwater according to the rise and fall of the tide. Find the creatures who make this difficult environment their home – neither marine or terrestrial but something inbetween. Tidepools are natural aquariums, potholes excavated from the rocky shoreline by the water and filled with a mosaic of living plants and animals. A way to experience life beneath the waves; where truth is stranger than fiction and the fantastic is normal.

Sea Star Close upWindsailor Jellyfish

Coastal Temperate Rainforest

Offered All Year

Visit the pristine old growth rainforest of Clayoquot Sound where giant trees have stood for centuries. With lots of moisture and little disturbance these forests favour the growth or large, long-lived trees and also the accumulation of dead wood in the form of snags and fallen logs. This leads to huge amounts of biomass, about three times that of a tropical rainforest! Learn about what makes this ecosystem more than just a collection of individuals living in the same place, but rather a community supporting each other and working together.
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The Storm Seeker

Offered November through February

Half Day Storm Watching Tour

You'll never love bad weather so much! This 1/2 day hike brings you up close with our legendary West Coast winter storms, a dynamic and exhilarating display of Mother Nature's raw fury. Suit up in some quality raingear (and keep this in mind:"there's no such thing as poor weather, just poor equipment"), slip on your gumboots (or Wellies), and follow us. You will be guided to semi-protected viewing locations along the shoreline where you can witness the Pacific Ocean performing at peak force, hurling itself against the shoreline in a series of larger-than-life breakers.

On this nature tour, you will:

• Hike to panoramic headlands and beaches with a lighthouse setting

• Witness 20 foot-long logs getting tossed in the surf

• Walk to thigh-high levels of sea foam at the ocean's edge

• Witness tons of sea kelp being swept shoreward in this annual renewal exercise

• Visit the intertidal zone at its most active, and learn how its inhabitants thrive in these extreme conditions

• Walk and talk with your guide about rainforest ecology

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The Wild Pacific Trail

Offered All Year

Half Day Tour

Come with us on the 2.5 km Lighthouse Loop of this exceptionally maintained trail, skirting Ucluelet's rich and rugged shoreline, with the Broken Islands Group and Barkley Sound to the East and the open Pacific Ocean to the south and west.

As per this trail section's moniker, you will pass Ampithrite Point lighthouse, one of the West Coast's last operating lighthouses, with waves crashing on the adjacent jagged rocks. This busy lighthouse overlooks an area deemed "The Graveyard of Pacific", where numerous barges, war ships, freighters and ferries were last seen within eyeshot of the Wild Pacific Trail. You will see a map of these shipwrecks along your guided walk. Impressive Ocean views abound, perfectly carved through ancient, twisting cedar and spruce trees - a photographer or painter's dream. Winter storm watching is a natural from this protected trail, and Grey Whales and other marine life can be viewed in the springtime - wild and pacific indeed!

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*** This trail is appropriate for all ages and skill levels, as it involves very slight ascents and is easily accessible from its parking lot.

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