Explore the wilderness, wildlife and culture of Vancouver Island's wild west coast

Hiking Tours in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve & Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1996

Get ready to discover the natural wonders in and around Tofino, and Ucluelet.

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Experience our signature interpretative nature tours, and come away with valuable local knowledge and memories.

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The Wildside of Flores

April to October

Embark on an unforgettable journey to one of the best hiking trails around the coastal village of Tofino. A beautiful and scenic boat ride through world renowned Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve leads you to the remote Wildside Trail of Flores Island.

This 6 hour tour combines land and sea to give you the best opportunity to possibly encounter wildlife including whales, wolves, bears, eagles and many more.

This trek provides some of the most stunning vistas, beaches and forests in the region.

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Pacific Rim Discovery

Offered All Year

Combining some of the most diverse trails in the Long Beach Unit of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, this full day trek covers all the best that this area has to offer. From old growth rainforests, shorepine bog forests, inter-tidal exploration, sandy beaches and salmon rivers; this tour will give you a full and comprehensive understanding of the National Park Reserve and western Vancouver Island.

On this 6 hour tour, you will be covering the southern portion of the Long Beach Unit of Pacific Rim, following the footsteps of gold miners and settlers travelling the rugged shores of the outer coast.

This signature tour is one of our favourites and is one not to be missed.

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Coastal Combination

Offered All Year

Explore the secrets of the coastal temperate rainforest, one of the world's rarest ecosystems. On this 3 hour tour, you will be introduced to the unique interactions between land and sea.

A relaxing walk through the old growth forest will lead you to sandy beaches, where tidepool exploration offers a glimpse into the constant battle for survival experienced in this rugged marine environment.

Learn about what makes this ecosystem more than just a collection of individuals living in the same place, but rather a community supporting each other and working together, along with a focus on edible and medicinal plant and seashore species found in Vancouver Island's coastal rainforests.

This is one of our most popular walks for first time visitors or those of you returning to the coast and wanting a greater insight.

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Birds of the Raincoast

Offered All Year

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is a paradise for nature lovers and bird enthusiasts.

The west coast of Vancouver Island offers a wide variety of rugged ecosystems that provide critical habitat for migrating shorebirds, waterfowl, forest songbirds, raptors and pelagic seabirds. The Tofino mudflats provide a stopover site for globally significant numbers of shorebirds, many migrating between South America and the Arctic.

Visit multiple locations within the National Park and surrounding area with your expert guide, who will provide extensive local knowledge and insight on the unique ecosystems that support such large numbers of birds.

Inquire with us about rare species currently being seen in the area and for enthusiasts searching for a particular species, please contact us and we can design a tour that is right for you.

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Alpine Adventures

June to September

Go beyond the beaches of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and into the mountains to some of the Island's most breathtaking alpine regions.

These helicopter assisted hiking excursions will bring you to places where few have walked before. This part of Vancouver Island's Interior Range includes some of the most wild and unexplored mountains in British Columbia.

Together we will spend the day exploring the true wilderness high in the mountains surrounding the coast town of Tofino. This unforgettable journey will leave you with an understanding of the complex and diverse ecosystems that Vancouver Island has to share and give you a bird's eye perspective of just how wild and remote this area really is.

Long Beach Nature Tours has partnered with Atleo River Air Service to provide you with the opportunity to discover wild places with our experienced guides.

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